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Alternative Energy Portfolio Writing



“Alternative Energy”

Writing for 8th Grade PAST Portfolios used in 2010 to 2012    

Ready to do a little research???  OK here we go…..Visit the Four Provided Websites to find relevant facts to support your writing project.  Write the fact on the Index Card, along with the website you found that piece of information.  Here is an example of a properly completed index card.   Don’t forget to put your name on every card!!


In the 1980’s, California was the first state to have a policy encouraging the use of wind energy.  Since then other states have begun using wind energy but California still produces more than twice the amount of electricity from wind than any other state.


You need to have 10 Index Cards Completely Filled out before we begin our portfolio writing.

The information you gather should support your idea that a certain Alternative Energy should be used by the United States instead of Fossil Fuels.  You should be able to write the reasoning behind your choice and your ideas of how to implement this Energy Source.

  Have fun with your search!!

Internet Sources to check out:

#1.  Click on this Energy Kid’s Page Icon and take a look around.  There is lots of info to read and gather for your research cards. 

#2.  Click on this Energy Story Icon, read the introduction and look for “Chapters” specifically on your Alternative Energy Source.  It is worth the look!!!


#3.  Click on the Energy4Me Icon for a great website.  How are we to provide abundant, clean, and affordable energy as world demand increases? Are we running out of oil? Which energy resource is best? Energy4me provides facts about these and other important energy issues.

#4. Last but certainly not least, this document has the info you are looking for in table style.  You have to check this one out!!!  Click on the world and wait for it to download.  IT IS WORTH THE WAIT!

Energy Sources of the World



Now is it time to START WRITING!!!!

You need to choose ONE of the Portfolio Writing Form:

***A letter to President Obama or to Governor Beshear informing them of the importance for the US or Kentucky to start using a specific Alternative Energy Source.   You need to inform them of WHAT KIND, WHY and HOW to go about this.

How to Write a Letter to the United States President or Governor

Is there something you would like to say to the President of the United States or Governor of Kentucky? Would you like a response? Here are some tips on how to write a courteous letter.


Be sure to address only one topic in your letter, if you have more things to express to him, save it for another letter. You need to think about what your subject is and what the facts are. You need to give him your opinion and ask him what his is.







Use the same style that you would if you were writing a business letter. Include the date, your full name and mailing address.

"Dear Mr. President" or “Dear Mr. Governor” is the proper greeting.
Continue your letter in a respectful tone. Use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. You want your message to be understood and taken seriously. Never threaten or harass in your letter. It is okay to express your opinion such as saying you are upset or angry at a certain situation. It is NEVER acceptable to use profanity.

It is also important to not be too informal.  Remember that you are writing a Very Important Person and should not use slang or common terms that you would use with a close friend or while you are texting someone. 






Have someone else look at your letter and proofread it before you send it. They can often see small mistakes that you have overlooked.








FROM ADDRESS:  Top Right Corner of Letter should be the Schools Address


2800 Kansas Street

Ashland, KY    41101


TO ADDRESS:  Skip two spaces under From Address and place on Left Corner of Letter

The White House                                                                      Kentucky Governor’s Mansion

Mr. President Obama                                                               Mr. Governor Beshear
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                                702 Capitol Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500                                                          Frankfort, KY   40601    



Example of Letter Placement:


March 4, 2010                                                                         


2800 Kansas Street

                                                                                                Ashland, KY    41101


The White House

Mr. President Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500



Dear Mr. President:




***Speech to fellow Verity Students informing others of the importance of using Alternative Energy Sources and getting away from our dependence on Fossil Fuels.  Remember to give them plenty of persuasive evidence to convince them that Alternative Energy Sources are the way of the future.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

Giving a persuasive speech can be an intimidating assignment. Convincing an audience in only a few minutes is much harder than giving an informational speech in the same amount of time. Knowing how to write a persuasive speech will help you to prepare fully and, therefore, successfully present a prevailing argument that will capture the attention of your audience.









Make your argument relevant to the audience. Do not bore listeners with a topic that could never involve them. You cannot persuade someone if there is no common ground. Floridians would not care about the dangers of swimming in an Arkansan lake. Also take into account the type of audience. Tailor your argument to the age or world views of the listeners.




Use lots of evidences, examples, statistics, quotes, or true stories throughout the speech. Be sure they come from credible sources. The more backup you include, the more convincing your argument will be. Don't forget to cite your sources. Simply state the author and the location (book title, web page, article and journal name) before the evidence. You may also want to include the author's credentials.




***Editorial to the Communities’ Local Newspaper, The Daily Independent, informing the citizens of Ashland the importance of cutting back on their Fossil Fuel consumption and ways to begin using Alternative Energy Sources at home.

 How to Write an Editorial


Have you ever wanted to get your point of view out to the public? Write an editorial to submit to your local newspaper! This article provides step-by-step instructions to writing an editorial. Also included is a sample editorial.







Most newspapers get hundred of editorials submitted each week. There is now way they can print all of them. They will, however, take the time to read each one.




It is important to be short and concise when writing your letter to the editor. This usually means that you are only able to focus on one issue. In general, editorials that are 400-500 words long are much more likely to be printed than lengthy ones. Remember, the chances of a long letter being printed are slim.




Be professional. It is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment when writing an editorial. Stick to the facts and provide helpful insight. Letters that resort to name-calling and slander usually will not be printed. This means that you must be your own editor. It is wise to take a step back and examine what you have said before submitting anything for publication.




The letter should contain your address, daytime phone number, and real name. Most organizations will reject your letter if it does not contain these items. Please see step 5 for a sample editorial.





Dear Editor:

The current economic stimulus package advocated by the Obama administration is not a stimulus bill, but a spending bill. If signed into law, the ramifications will be disastrous for our nation. Not only will our nation be ushered back into the Jimmy Carter era of big government, but we will also be mortgaging the future of our children.
I choose to support another path for our country. A path in which Americans let our politicians know that government is the problem, not the solution. A path in which we let our government know that when it gets out of the way and gives the economy back to the people, the true recovery will begin. Our nation has also been down this path. Beginning in 1981, the Reagan administration began applying these principles. The result was an unprecedented 92 consecutive months of economic growth, the second longest period of economic growth in United States history, and nearly 35 million new jobs created. This is the path I choose to support. The path of reduced tax rates, less wasteful spending, and less government interference.


Jason L. King














Choose a topic that can be thoroughly covered in the amount of time assigned. You won't be able to cover all of the points if the topic is too broad, resulting in a poor argument. For instance, a topic on global warming would be too large, but convincing the audience of the effects of global warming on the local economy is more plausible. Your topic should be important to you, otherwise you will never be able to present it with the emotion necessary for persuasion.