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Accelerated Reader Policy



Fourth Grade Reading Policy

Reading independently is an important part of any reading program. I always tell my students that just as a sports coach teaches a skill and then expects that skill to be practiced, so it is with reading. There is no way to become a better reader without reading. Although students read in class, nothing takes the place of independent reading in the life of a reader.

Requirements for each nine weeks:

Students are required to have ten (10) AR points each nine weeks.

Grading will be as follows:

A point value will be given for successfully completing AR requiremnts. For example, if a 100 point value is selected and student reads 8 points for the nine weeks, he or she will receive a score of 80% for required reading. In addition, a score will be given for comprehension. If a students receives a 90% comprehension score, that score will be entered. Point values are subject to change based on the total number of points available in reading per nine weeks.


      AR required reading 80/100 
      AR comprehension  90/100

As you can see, AR will be a significant portion of a nine weeks grade, due to the importance of independent reading. AR can help a student's grade tremendously, or hurt a student's grade tremendously.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Please make sure your child is keeping up with AR throughout the nine weeks. It is extremely difficult to catch up if a student gets behind. If you have questions regarding AR, please contact Mrs. Moore at