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Classroom Tidbits

Here are some quick “tidbits” about Mrs. Poling’s Kindergarten classroom.


  • Instructional Assistant:  Mrs. Barbara Zimmerman will be our full-time instructional assistant.  She is amazing!  She is such a great addition to our classroom family.
  • Volunteers:  I love parent volunteers!  If you are available to help in the classroom, please fill out the parent volunteer form and the background check form.
  • Discipline:  We will be using a behavior clip chart.  Every day your child will start out on the green Ready to Learn box.  According to your child’s behavior, he/she can move up the chart or down the chart.  Once they move up, they can still be moved down and vice versa.  I will be using Class Dojo to award points for where the students’ clips are at the end of the day. 
    • If the student’s clip makes it to the color blue, he/she will choose a treat from the Treat Box.
    • If the student’s clip makes it to the color purple, he/she will choose a treat from the Treat Box as well as a scented sticker.
    • If the student’s clip makes it to the color pink, he/she will choose something from the Treasure Box.
    • If the student’s clip makes it to the color pink three times, he/she will receive a different colored clip.(This is a super BIG deal.)
    • If the student’s colored clip makes it to the color pink five times, he/she will receive residence in the Hall of Fame.  (He/she is FAMOUS!
  • Class Dojo:   Class Dojo is a behavior reward system that we will use in our classroom.  With this system, you will be able to see your child’s behaviors.  Within the first few days of school, your child will be sent home with an invitation to Class Dojo.  This invitation will give you all the need to know details of how to join and how to check your child’s points.
    • – 1 point
    • – 2 points
    • – 3 points
    • – 4 points
    • , Orange, Red – 0 points
  • Fill A Bucket:  This is another system we will use in our classroom.  This primarily focuses on acts of kindness and helpfulness towards others in our classroom.  The students will receive pom-poms in their individual buckets when caught doing something extra.  Once he/she has received ten pom-poms, they will get to do something extra special and something the other students will not get the chance to do.
  • Student Binders:  Your child will bring his/her binder home EVERY DAY!  This binder is to help keep your child organized.  Please leave the binder in your child’s backpack at ALL times!  Here is what the binder includes:
    • Pencil Pouch – The pencil pouch is used for several things.  If you are sending money to school for any reason (lunch, snack cart, field trips, etc.) it MUST be labeled with your child’s name and purpose and placed in the pencil pouch.
    • Behavior Calendar – A weekly behavior sheet will be in your child’s binder.  The color of the “smiley face” will be reflected in the color your child ended the day with on the clip chart.
    • Snack List – The district approved snack list will always be in your child’s binder.  Anything on this list is always acceptable but you can use your judgement if there’s something you would like to send that’s not on the list.  Please DON’T send cookies, cakes, soda, etc.
    • Snack Calendar – Please watch for your child’s name on the snack calendar and send enough snack for the class on that day.  You may send your snack in before your snack day as long as it does not need to be refrigerated.  If you choose not to purchase snack for the entire class, please send in money a few days before to go into the snack cart and to help fund the snack. 
    • Lunch Menu
    • Class Schedule – This is especially important for you!  This way, you can know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it.  If you have a question on when your child has Library, Music, Gym/P.E.*, and any of the other fun things, please consult your class schedule.
    • Box Tops – I am passionate about the Box Tops for Education program.  Please clip any box tops off of products at your home and send them to school in your child’s binder.  Our school receives 10 cents for every box top. 
    • – Please check your child’s folder every day.  Remove any of your child’s work that we send home.  Also, look for important notes, homework, and flyers in the folder.
    • Communication Log – There is a communication log for you to complete when you need to drop me a note.  I will look through this every day and I will initial/sign the note to make you aware that I read it.
  • Change of Clothes:  Please send in a complete change of clothes to leave at school.  Accidents happen…actually, all kinds of them do!  Having a change of clothes here at school makes it easy on them, on us, and on you.  Please include a full set of clothes – top, bottom, socks, and underwear.
  • Communication:  I have so many forms of communication for you!  Please use them.  You’re a part of this family too; you’re an important part of this experience for your child. 
    • Newsletter – I will send home a class newsletter every Monday with any important information.  This will include important dates to put on your calendar, who will be bringing snacks the following week, and of course, to clue you in on what’s been happening in the classroom and how much fun we’ve been having!
    • Classroom Webpage – I will keep our Classroom Webpage up to date as consistently as possible.  Your child's spelling word list, sight word lists, and homework packets will be the major priority of the webpage.  I know how papers can get misplaced and lost -- especially within the transition from school to home.  If you are ever in need of these items, please check the classroom webpage. 
    • Facebook – Please take time to fill out the Facebook permission slip.  You have the opportunity to join my private group – “Mrs. Poling’s Kindergarten Angels.”  The URL is: Please ask to join the group.  Once I approve you, you can see all of the posts and you can make posts as well.  This is a great place to ask questions because if you have a question, chances are, someone else is wondering the same thing.  Also, I like to take lots of pictures of the super cool things that are happening in the classroom and around the school.  However, I WILL NOT post pictures of your child without your permission.
    • Communication Log – This is also available to you.  This is located in your child’s binder.
    • Class Dojo – Another unique function of Class Dojo is the ability to chat with you.  If you choose to join Class Dojo, you and I will be able to message each other back and forth, kind of like texting.  Please use this function if you would like.
    • – Of course, you can always reach me by e-mail.  My e-mail address is:
  • Snacks:  Because Kindergarten students eat lunch so early (10:30am), they are tired and hungry by the end of the day.  We have a snack and a rest/quiet time at 2:00pm.  You will be asked to provide snack for the class approximately once a month.



I know we are going to have a phenomenal year!  I am looking forward to getting to know your child, watching them grow, and growing along with them.  As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. 


Holly Poling

(606) 327-2735