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FRYSC Services Survey

Dear Ashland Families:
It’s time for our Biennium FRYSC Services Survey! This data collection effort informs state leadership about the importance of the FRYSC program.
The survey will be available for 10 days, and will end at 5:00 pm (ET) on Friday, January 28, 2022. So we MUST take immediate action.
For the prior two FRYSC Service surveys, we averaged more than 23,500 responses. Let’s surpass that number this year to help send a message of the importance of FRYSC in our schools and communities. Data speaks volumes to our state leaders. Let us use this survey to create the data for our message.
The Public Policy Committee is working on providing firsthand accounts of the importance of FRYSC. You should also be doing this individually with each of your legislators in your own communications about how local efforts make big impacts.
Again, I appreciate everyone making this happen and thank you in advance for your cooperation! Let’s do this!!! Our goal is 25,000 survey responses.
T. C. Johnson
FRYSCKy President


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