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Creative and Academically Talented Scholars

Last Updated: 8/19/2021 6:20 PM

What is CATS Academy?

Creative and Academically Talented Scholars, also known as CATS Academy, is a pullout program for gifted and talented students, grades 3-7, in the Ashland Independent School District.  Students can qualify for GT services based on their academic achievement, performance on cognitive testing, creativity, talents in the arts, and exceptional leadership qualities. 

At CATS Academy, students are exposed to a curriculum rich in hands-on, project based instruction. CATS Academy curriculum is not designed to replace the existing instruction the students receive in their home school but rather serves as an extension and enrichment of the curriculum.  The program provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves academically and creatively.  Due to the hands-on, project based approach, CATS teachers serve as facilitators giving the students a supportive environment where they are encouraged to question, think, learn and discover.