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English Language Arts Dept Chair
    - Brit and World Lit (CCR 4)
   - Journalism (Yearbook)
Room 608  
Classroom Phone - 606.327.6040 x3608 | Fax- 606.324.0517

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You are a learning machine. Everything you can do NOW, you learned...and much of it without trying. IF you will bring your only necessary ability (see #10), and attend to your only responsibility at this place (to learn), you will exceed your most optimistic and hopeful expectations.

How to target High School Success

1. You are IN PROCESS to become the person you MIGHT be. Be in control of that process.

2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has both, and the average person is has few clues as to  which is which.

3. Decide to succeed. The decisions that lead to success are rarely celebrated by society or friends.

4. Find one teacher in whom you have confidence and seek his or her counsel.

5. No champion prepares for the big game through easy workouts. A champion strives from within while being challenged from without.

6. Get involved in school activities and organizations; get to know people outside your social circle. These are opportunities you will rarely have after graduation.

7. Be aware that you are constantly preparing for success or failure. The days you decide to take "off" on the path to success are the same days that the person who wants that same scholarship or job is still working. If you take too many days off, you will not succeed. Stay on the path, and where you display your success is up to you; discuss your choices with your guidance counselor.

8. Who you associate with speaks volumes about you; “birds of a feather,” you know.

9. Your teachers and guidance counselors are serious, thoughtful people who have seen all kinds of problems; they might be able to help you with yours…if you are smart enough to tell them.

10. The first ability you must present to succeed in high school: AVAIL-ability. It is the only ability successful and disappointed people share – each made himself or herself available to the influences, people, and activities that led to the current status.
Read this list every week and smile...Smiling uses fewer muscles than frowning.


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