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Principal's Message

As we begin a brand new school year, there is an excitement in the air surrounding Blazer.  People are friendly, smiles abound, and an unmistakable energy is present in every classroom on campus.  Our staff is dedicated to three things, your child’s safety, their education, and their future. 

Over the summer our staff spent several hours in professional development sessions in order to be united about one major issue…SAFETY.  It is my charge as YOUR PRINCIPAL to make sure that our students and staff are in the safest possible environment.  While some of these changes may cause an inconvenience to you when you visit our campus, all of the changes were made with student safety in mind.

Here is a rundown of our points of emphasis this year:

Cell Phones- Cell phones are to be put away while in class, silenced or off.  Some teachers use different collection devices and some just ask for them to be in pockets.  Cell phones may be permitted to be used in class if for an educational purpose.  Social media of any kind, listening to music on ear phones, and charging a phone is not permitted during classes.  Students ARE permitted to use their phones during class changes and during lunch.  There is a charging station located in our lunch room.

Lunch Drop Offs and Deliveries- All lunch drop offs and other student delivers must be made through our front office.  Whatever is being dropped off will be labeled with the students name and they can come pick it up during class change or during lunch.  We will only call students out of class if they are going home.  Students are not permitted to go to the parking lot or to any other unrestricted area without permission.

Midday Car Visits- Students are not permitted to go to their cars or to another person’s car during the day without checking out an identification vest out of the office.  The student will wear the brightly colored vest to and from their car to indicate that they have permission to be in the lot.  Any student found in the lot without permission is subject to search and disciplinary actions.

Building Door Locks- All building doors on campus are locked.   Our center door (at this time) of each building is on a time release to allow students in an out of buildings.  Students may exit from the ends of the building during class changes.  Our students are adapting masterfully to this!

Cyberbullying- Our school, in cooperation with our district, has taken steps to ensuring that bullying and especially cyberbullying is cared for.  Students are to report to staff any incidents where they feel they are being bullied, either in person or through cyberbullying.  Our procedures and protocols will ensure that our students are safe and that the proper consequences enacted.  Any negative or derogatory comments or pictures involving students, in an effort to bully them will NOT be tolerated.

Dress Code- Our current dress code, as provided in our student handbook online, will be enforced.  Each morning our staff will do dress code checks and provide documentation to me if a student is in violation of the dress code.  I will review the dress code with the student, inform them to fix the issue, call home to have parent provide a change of clothes, or wear a change of clothes from our resource center on campus.  We do not have a new dress code.  We have a renewed focus on enforcing the dress code that is currently written into policy.

While many of these things are basically a renewed focus on existing policies, our goal at Blazer is to provide a safe, secure, and welcoming environment to learn.  I ask for you to support our students, staff, and administration as we attempt to ensure your child’s safety each day. 

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.





Jamie Campbell